Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Delicious GF Reviews - KOZY Restaurant!

Once I decided to review some of the products from the Expo I was bombarded with requests to review restaurants that serve GF food as I travel around the country.  

Well, after all the experimentation I do designing, testing and retesting recipes I'm always up for a lunch or dinner at a restaurant!  So here is the first in what I hope to be a long list of very yummy restaurants that  deserve the exclamation . . .

OMG! That's Allergy Free? 

KOZY is a great little restaurant on Travis Street in Dallas.  It serves organic foods thoughtfully prepared that stand up to high standards in both taste and nutrition!  This is a rare combination in the sea of Dallas restaurants. 

Having eaten at KOZY a couple of times, I had not yet sampled their GF offerings, but decided to give their GF sandwich bun a try.  I did not have high expectations so I was completely blown away when my plate arrived!

Not only was the bun for my burger beautiful, it was also one of the best I've ever sampled!

I was there with my daughter Allison and my pseudo-daughter Jennifer (who is also WF and DF).  I let everyone sample the bun and to my surprise Allison thought it was delicious.  You know you've actually found something worthy of the OMG! when a non-GF person thinks it's great!

So my hat's off to KOZY not only for the delicious GF sandwich bun, but for the big pile of delicious veggies that come standard with their sandwiches (rather than fries)!  

This is truly a restaurant that anyone can enjoy!  So if you are in the Dallas area stop in soon and tell them Dr. P sent you for their delicious and nutritious food!


  1. Dr. P--Have you thought about making a OMG FB page where you can give us a little nudge when you make a new post on your blog? I don't always check the blogs I follow unless I see it on my FB page. Then I go OMG I haven't checked that lately!

  2. What a great idea! I have been posting on my Simple Health Network Facebook page, but I think you are right about a dedicated page!