Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Could Use a Little Help!

This weekend I've entered 2 of my chili recipes in the Lone Star Vegetarian Cook-Off in Austin, TX!  So I thought I'd include you on the experience.  Both recipes are in my new cookbook - it should be back from the printer soon!  

Since this is a rather fun event, the participants sometimes give their chili a wacky name - since I tend to be rather boring when it comes to naming things (for heaven's sake my kids names are Allison, Angela and Michael, not Apple, Moonunit or Rylance) so let's hope that doesn't automatically knock me down a few points in the eyes of the judges!

Here they are: 

OMG! It's WBHGC (aka White Bean & Hatch Green Chili)

OMG! Now We're Talkin Texan (aka Texas Style Veggie Chili)

I know, I know, still not very inventive!  So I'm hoping that my signage could help.  Anyone have a great idea?

Just in case you are in the Austin area this weekend here is the info you will need to drop by, sample a lot of chili and (hopefully) vote for mine!  Just click on the link below to get complete details and a map.

Off for now!

Dr. P

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  1. Not all of us come up with wacky names, btw. And the chili judging is done "blind" (by number) to keep it fair. The booth judging is done by other criteria. I'm not sure if your chili's name factors into that, but I doubt it does. Perhaps you'd rather be remembered, especially when it comes time to get those People's Choice votes, by the type of chili people tasted since they'll hopefully also remember OMG! That's Allergy Free? from your signs. I'm just sayin'. You've only got this evening to decide, unfortunately, since we've got to get the programs to the printer in time.