Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hurray for Tuesday's Winner PLUS Today's Contest!!!!

I don't know about you, but I am having so much fun with this contest!  And as I suspected many of you are taking advantage of utilizing this blog to post your entries, others are posting on my Simple Health Network Facebook page and still others are emailing your entries . . . and several of you are using multiple formats!  

As you may recall Tuesday's entries involved "quotable quotes" (reminds me of a Jeopardy category).  Everyone who entered reviewed recipes on this blog, the actual cookbook pages available on line and then wrote out quotes that would make someone want to open the book, look at the recipes and then purchase.

I was fortunate enough to receive some absolutely WONDERFUL submissions!  I printed them out, put them in a hat and drew the winner!  Boy do I wish I could create a drum roll on paper about now . . . but I'm sure some of you are just as excited to know who won as I am to announce it!  So without any additional fanfare Tuesday's OMG! winner is . . . Allison Sutter!!!!

But don't despair if you didn't win, you still have 3 more opportunities before the week is up!  So break out your creative writing hat and send me some more great quotes!  If you've already entered some, repost them and add another 1 or 2 and increase your chances of being today's winner!

For a little inspiration, please read this week's blog posts, and here are a few of the "Quotable Quotes" I've received via Facebook, Twitter and email this week . . .

Now that Dr Parker has educated me about food allergies, I am interested in being kinder to my body and still feel like I am eating well. 

All the recipes are as good for you as they taste, or is it they taste as good as they look, or eating right never tasted so good... 

O.M.G.'s recipes are O.M.G amazing!

Living with allergies and intolerances just got easier. I love eating again!

My kids loved every meal and licked their plates. Need I say more?

Most cookbooks sit on the shelf and gather dust. Not this one. Every recipe has become a staple in our house.

Finding recipes that are allergy free, taste great and satisfy the body on a nutritional level are rare. Dr. Parker has finally done just that. Thank you!

These recipes are as beautiful as they are delectable!

Finally, gluten free, dairy free food that doesn't taste like cardboard! Thank you!!

Food should satisfy the body and soul, not agrivate it as it does with those who have allergies. O.M.G. is a beacon of light for those of us who live allergies. This book is so worth it. Bon Appetite!

I'm allergic to so many things that eating had become a chore but your recipes has changed that . . . I'm back to loving mealtime again!

Dr. Parker you deserve sainthood for creating this amazing cookbook!

Thanks to these recipes I am learning to eat healthier and I've never felt better!

A piece de resistance! Merci beaucoup!

I hope these give you some inspiration . . . I look forward to reading today's submissions!!!!

Dr. P


  1. I am a Mom of FIVE . One is Very food sensitive. Now I can prepare the same meals for all ! And they ALL Love it ! Makes my Life easier !!!!

  2. I have been health conscious for many years, but still haven't felt really well for a long time. I was inspired by Dr. P to try some new ideas and am slowly seeing some improvements. I don't expect to see changes overnight because there is a lot of healing needed to be done. I am excited for my copy of "OMG! That's Allergy Free?" because I know it will give me lots of new ideas to continue on this path of wellness.