Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday's Winner and Today's Contest Submission Info!

Hey we have yet another winner of my cookbook!  And the WINNER IS - ANNETTE SHORT!!!!

Annette took my suggestion of submitting many entries.  She used this blog, my Simple Health Network Facebook page and email!  Persistence paid off!

Today and through the remainder of the week the submission criteria is this:

Imagine that you have never tried one of my recipes and are seeing the book for the first time.  Then write a quote that would convince you to open the book, look at the recipes and want to purchase the cookbook.

Your convincing quotes will be used to help me advertise the cookbook and in turn you will be entered to win a free copy!

This is getting to be a LOT of fun!

Remember you have until Thursday to use BLOG30 to receive an automatic 30% off of the purchase price, but you also have until Friday to win your own copy!

So bring on your most convincing quotes and enter as often as you like every day to win a FREE COPY!

Dr. P

P.S. - Sue Blessing was Sunday's winner!  Congratulations Sue!!!


  1. I am so excited, I can't wait to get it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. I have not received the cookbook that I won in your contest. Could you please check on this . Thanks,..
    roarrrloud@aol.com Sue Blessing --Ohio

  3. Dr. Peggy please contact me-- Sue Blessing. I have not received the cookbook I won in your contest. roarrrloud@aol.com