Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday's Cookbook Winner Revealed and More Opportunities to Win YOUR Copy!!!!

I didn't make it clear in yesterday's post that you need to provide your name to win, so the winner today is 5dddf12e-2484-11e1-81a5-000f20980440!

I'm so happy that you are teaching your grandchildren such great eating habits!!!

You will need to provide your name and mailing address.  To do this please email the information to!

Congratulations and I do hope you enjoy the cookbook!!!!

To enter today's contest, please post the reason you feel you or someone you know deserves to win a copy!  Remember the more often you post, the greater your chances to win.  You can post here on this blog site, on Simple Health Network's Facebook page or email me!

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested!


  1. I deserve to win because I really NEED some creative ideas to deal with my current eating challenges. In the midst of chemo therapy, I cannot tolerate most grains and many vegetables and fruits. I also avoid gluten, dairy, and sugar, and eat a whole-foods plant-based diet when I can. The only grains my body will tolerate at the moment are millet and buckwheat, although that may change. In the past few weeks, I tested (muscle testing) OK for quinoa, ate it a few days, and then my body rejected it again. Same problem with all rice products....tolerate a few days, then reject. I really need inspirations for tasty food!!!

    Sherry Seaver

    1. I'm cheering you on at Yawkey.
      /s/ Richard

  2. This cookbook must be filled with creations that will increase the health of my family and friends, and I can't wait to try them.

    Sherry Seaver

  3. I have this cookbook on order and am waiting excitedly for it to arrive so I can delve right in. My sister and niece both have a lot of food allergies and I would love to be able to share Dr. P's expertise with both of them. Di Jasperson

  4. This cookbook was recommended to me because I recently found out one of my five children has Aspergers Syndrome. It has been a challenge to figure out meals that would benefit my son and also please the rest of my kids. I feel this cookbook would make my life a little simpler.


  5. I deserve to win because I have been drueling over that pizza recipe ever since you put the picture up. Also, I have limited funds and I share with everyone the things you teach. Annette Short