Sunday, December 11, 2011

Win A Copy of My New Cookbook!

Here's your opportunity to win a copy of my new cookbook - OMG! That's Allergy Free?

To enter, post comments regarding the recipes I have posted on this blog site.  Each comment represents 1 entry, so the more comments you post, the greater your chances to win!

I will be selecting 1 winner each day this week, so post daily and often to increase your chances of winning.  If you have a copy of my 1st cookbook, you can post comments from those recipes as well. 

Good Luck!!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your 1st cookbook. I learned a lot about the history of food in the last 100 years and why so many foods are now problematic for so many people. I have been encouraged to keep at my diet changes even though it is hard to give up things that everyone around me is eating. And it is fun to mix veggies in my smoothies with my Vitamix. I am very excited to get this new cookbook. Have been waiting since I heard it was coming out!

  2. I gained much revelation as I learned so much from you about Alkaline water a while back,... with that change, husband and I have changed our way of eating----so I am looking forward to ingrafting your "NEW" cookbook into our daily routine also !

  3. I have made Kale chips with my grandkids,.. they were a hit ! So we decided to try your Savory Sweet Potatoe chips,...OMG ! they were so "delish" !! And the grandkids had so much fun! As their grammy,..I'm so excited to be able to teach them a healthy way of eating ,.. AND to do it with so much fun !!!!!!!!!

  4. I appreciate the work that has gone into compiling this information in an effort to educate and inspire with creativity others to have a healthier life. Annette Short