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Day 3 - 10 Days to a Healthier You in 2012!

Day #3 – Lymphatic Support

Your immune system is one of the most important systems in your body and your immune system is a part of your Lymphatic System.  You see your Lymphatic System contains a large volume of fluids that feed your cells, remove toxins and combat foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria.

So to restore or maintain a healthy immune system we have to begin by stimulating and feeding the Lymphatic System.  Because our body systems are not isolated a change in one area affects the rest of the body.  This will become even more apparent as we move through this 10 day program.  Let me outline how this has worked so far . . .

On Day 1 we concentrated on warming the body through foods, drinks and exercises, which increased circulation, and by increasing circulation and warming the body we actually began working on your Lymphatic System.   Moving the all-important Lymphatic Fluids requires a little work on our part.  You see the lymphatic system has no central pumping agent and is completely dependent upon movement in the body.  Relaxing muscles and increasing circulation creates movement of the lymphatic fluids as well as blood throughout the body.  This is one of the reasons that warming the body has such wide ranging effects . . . moving Lymphatic Fluids means that more cells are receiving nutrients, more toxins are being “taken to the trash” and more microbes are being destroyed!

On Day 2 we concentrated on the skin by feeding, stimulating and exfoliating.  Since many Lymph Nodes are located right below the surface of the skin, these actions stimulate the movement of Lymphatic Fluids.  In turn, this stimulates the feeding of the skin, the delivery of antioxidants and the disposal of any microbes that enter the body through a cut or scrape on the skin.

With this in mind on Day 3 we are concentrating on some foods, teas and simple exercises that support the your entire Lymphatic System. 

Foods to avoid include dairy products and any food that can create an allergic response.  Dairy products tend to create congestion in the system.  Allergic responses trigger the production of histamine, and excess histamine creates a situation in the lymph system that’s very similar to adding a little vinegar into milk.  In other words a thickening of the fluid so that it changes from the consistency of milk to the consistency of buttermilk.  This impedes the flow especially in the small Lymphatic Vessels.

Things that keep the fluid thin and flowing include ionized water (due to it’s antioxidant properties), foods high in antioxidants like citrus fruits, pineapple, mangos, papayas, berries, mushrooms and greens; foods high in fiber like flax seeds, sweet potatoes, coconut, avocado and nuts; warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and chili powders; foods high in minerals like all of the items I just mentioned!  :)

Super Greens and Citrus Smoothie
I know, you’ve already seen this photo, but today’s smoothie is an adaptation of the Green Goddess Juice you made yesterday.  So today will be a breeze!

In your VitaMix or other powerful blender add the following:

1 cup Green Goddess Juice
1 small orange, peeled
1 tangerine, peeled
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 small handful mint, tough stems removed
1 cup ionized water
1/4 scoop Garden of Life Raw Fiber

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Day 3 Drink Suggestions:
  • One of my favorites is Yogi Tea’s Peach Detox Tea, I also recommend:
  • Traditional Medicinal’s Every Day Detox Tea
  • Triple Leaf Tea’s Detox tea
  • Republic of Tea’s Orange-Ginger-Mint Herbal Tea
  • Plus all drinks from Day 1 or Day 2 

Day 3 Menu Suggestions:

Curried Red Pepper Soup (From my 1st Cookbook)

Blueberry Mojito Salad

Midwinter Citrus Salad (from my 1st cookbook)

Feel free to add  any recipe posted from either Day 1 or Day 2.

Day 3 Techniques:
  • A 20 minute brisk walk
  • While sitting at your desk (or in front of the TV) point and flex your toes 10 times per hour.  This is a simple way to increase lymphatic flow even while travelling!
  • Don’t forget that alternating hot and cold shower or skin brushing!
  • One more fantastic option for lymphatic stimulation is a body wrap or scrub.  If you don't have the luxury of a professional wrap you can do this scrub yourself.  Here's a recipe for a wonderful concoction that produces really beautiful skin while stimulating your lymphatic system:

Apple, Honey and Oat Scrub
This concoction has so many components that nourish, detoxify and exfoliate your skin that it can be used 2 or more times a month.  At the same time it stimulates circulation and removes some of the burden from your lymphatic system.
Yield - this makes enough for 2 scrubs

1 cup organic oats (gluten free for those who need that option)
1 large apple, cored
1 tablespoon green or white clay powder
1 teaspoon ground ginger
3 tablespoons honey
2 cups very hot pH 5.5 ionized water (filtered water will also work)

In your VitaMix or other powerful blender process until the oats are fairly smooth.  Spread it over your entire body and wrap up in a flannel sheet until it's fairly dry.  Scrub off in the shower, vigorously towel dry and then admire your fresh, rosey skin!  Here are its benefits:
  • The oats contain beta glucan - a powerful immune builder
  • The apples contain fruit acids that promote a deeper exfoliation
  • The clay draws out impurities and is a powerful detoxifier
  • The ginger promotes circulation
  • The honey is a powerful antioxidant, wound healer, emollient and preservative
  • The skin's pH is naturally about 5.5 to 6, so this water is super hydrating to the skin and leaves it pH balanced.
I do hope you are enjoying your journey and finding these posts beneficial!  Your posts with questions or comments are always welcome!

Dr. P

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