Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 7 - 10 Days to a Healthier You in 2012

Day  7 - Lung Support

The primary function of the Lungs is to breathe in life giving oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  The exchange of these 2 gasses happens in tiny capillaries in the spongy tissues of the lungs.  This is vitally important in the regulation of the pH of the body tissues.  This makes your Lungs organs of elimination. 

In addition to the essential task of taking in oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide, they also excrete substances that destroy foreign invaders in the lungs and on the skin, as well as exhaling approximately 6 cups of fluid each day. 

Your lungs are on the first line of defense against damaging free radicals in the air we inhale as well as the free radicals in the carbon dioxide that we exhale.  So protecting delicate lung tissue and function is essential to maintaining healthy lungs.

The best way to accomplish this task is to eat a wide variety of antioxidant containing foods (especially  those  rich in Vitamin A), drink adequate amounts of antioxidant, ionized water and to do deep breathing exercises to assist in the expulsion of those 6 cups of fluids.

So today’s smoothie provides loads of Vitamin A as well as herbs that are well known to expand the bronchioles to facilitate bringing in more oxygen and dispelling more carbon dioxide.

Carrot-Orange-Ginger-Mint Smoothie
This yummy and refreshing drink provides high quantities of lung friendly Vitamin A, Vitamin C to boost immunity, ginger to increase blood circulation, mint to open the lungs and fiber to carry toxins out of the body.
Yield – 2-3 servings

4 organic carrots
1 large organic orange
1/2 inch piece fresh ginger
1 small handful fresh mint + leaves to garnish
1 teaspoon Garden of Life’s Raw Fiber
2 cups pH 9.5 ionized water
1 cup crushed ice

Chop carrots into 1 inch pieces.  Peel orange in a way that leaves the white portion on the orange, then cut into 8 pieces. 

Place all ingredients, except ice, in your VitaMix or other very powerful blender and process until smooth then add ice if desired.  Pour in glasses and garnish with mint leaves.

Drink Suggestions:
Mint tea, Traditional Medicinal’s Breathe Easy tea, Mullin Tea, Chai Tea

Breathing Exercises:

I hope you enjoy today’s yummy smoothie, a cup of tea to support your lungs, and a few deep breathing exercises!

Dr. P

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