Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's Have Fun with Real Food!

Today one of my high school friends shared a link on my Facebook page - 100 Days of Real Food Pledge.  In other words, for 100 days we concentrate on using fresh and frozen foods and forego pre-packaged items from the grocery store.  

Some of you may want to do this 1 meal a day, some 2 meals a day and others all 3 meals.  To support our little community of "REAL FOODIES" I thought it would be fun for everyone to post recipes, ideas and tips to help one another.  

Who knows we could start a REAL FOOD movement that includes foods for all of us with food allergies and sensitivities!

Keep in mind this is a "no pressure - no guilt" program . . . just friends helping friends to incorporate more healthful foods into their meals.

Please let me know who's interested and we can get started tomorrow!

Dr. P

Click here to find the link that inspired me . . .


  1. What a great idea! I am excited to hear about the ways everyone is changing from plastic food to real food! Today I am going to try cooking lettuce. I can't eat fresh lettuce and want to incorporate more greens. I will let you know how it goes! di

  2. I think you are going to LOVE steamed, grilled and sauteed lettuce! One of my favorite salads is my Grilled Caesar Salad. Grilling the Romaine lettuce gives it a nice smokey flavor that really makes the salad sing!

    I can't wait to hear how your first recipe turns out!

  3. I steamed the baby lettuce mix and it was much like steamed baby spinach. Just a mere touch of rice wine vinegar and it sang a song as I ate it. I have to back off on the lettuce for a bit because I have introduced a few too many changes at once and I need to figure out what is what. I get too excited and forget to take things easy. But once I get it all back on course I will be trying some more lettuce experiments. I will keep you all posted.

  4. Glad to hear your experiment went well! I know it's hard to be patient while going through elimination diets, so I'm happy that you are doing your best to pace yourself so all your hard work will have a better end result.