Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want a little help with your New Year's Resolution to get healthy, lose weight or eat better in 2012?

With the New Year’s celebrations inevitably come the New Year’s Resolutions, and according to the polls the #1, #2 and #3 resolutions all involve getting healthier.  They include losing weight, eating healthier, and getting fit. 

Many people want to start their plan to lose weight and eat healthy with a juice fast, a cleanse or a very austere diet.  This plan generally ends badly and by the third or fourth day the diet has been abandoned and with it the hopes of a healthier 2012!

So I decided to offer a little advice and a little help to get you started off on a good path for the year.  The first thing I want you to understand is that good and healthy habits “stick” better if you tackle 1 healthy habit at a time.  

To help you get started, and see just how simple it can be to build a new healthier eating habit, I thought I’d provide you with a 10 day program to help you with your resolutions. 

Now please keep in mind that this isn’t a complicated or all-encompassing program.  There will be no calorie counting, no weighing in and no guilt!  

I’m simply going to post 1 smoothie or tea recipe suggestion each day along with a few menu suggestions to boost your protein intake, lower those inflammatory sugars and increase those all important vitamin & mineral components that build healthy cells in all kinds of ways. 

Each suggestion will come with a bit of info to fill you in on the health benefits.  The recipes for each menu suggestion can be found either on this blog or in my cookbook. 

I’d love to have your feedback as the 10 days move along, so post away and let’s all support one another to reach our goals to be healthier in 2012!

If you have not yet purchased a cookbook and would like to join in, I have a special offer for you.  As you may know I received a partial shipment just before Christmas and my boxes looked like those UPS videos that went viral!  Needless to say each and every one of the books was at least slightly damaged . . . a bent corner or a wrinkled edge somewhere!  So if you don’t mind a little damage and would love a bargain I’m offering a special deal for a limited 2 for 1 special for the first 10 people who order over the next 24 hours!  So until noon Pacific Standard Time on January 3rd you can pay full price for 1 cookbook and receive another absolutely FREE!  These books will have a little nick or a slightly bent corner, but I’ve earmarked the best of the lot for this special sale. 

So I will know this is a 2 for 1 order, please enter the words, “I follow your blog and am claiming my 2 for 1 deal” in the special instructions section.

Don’t delay, click on the link below right away and claim your FREE COOKBOOK!
Here's to a Happier Healthier New Year!

Dr. P

P.S. – the posts for the 10 day plan begin later today so be watching for it!

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