Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Growing your own Real Food by Starting Seeds Indoors

This is another fantastic blog site I enjoy so I thought I'd share it with you.  

MOst  of you don't know that I grew up in rural South Dakota and that my Mother always had a really big garden.  So growing our own veggies and flowers was commonplace.  I can still remember how special it was when the first tomato of the summer was ready, and because I loved them so much, my Mom always gave me the first one to eat . . . it was still warm from the summer sun and bursting with flavor!

At heart I'm still a farm girl who loves the feeling of rich soil under my nails.  This article inspired me to start my seeds today.  Now that I'm in Texas I'm starting my seeds in pots outside this year so I can bring them in at night when the unpredictable Texas weather cools down.

I'm going to start cool weather veggies like peas and greens, plus some edible flowers and I'd love to know what you're inspired to start.


Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you'll ever experience. In addition to the fun -- starting seeds indoors is the perfect cure for those late-season winter blahs -- raising your own plants offers practical and aesthetic benefits. You'll get an earlier start to your garden and you'll be able to raise vegetable and flower varieties not offered as starts by your local garden supply or nursery. You'll have plants that are healthier, vigorous, more disease resistant and ideally chosen for your personal growing conditions. And you'll be able to choose vegetables that taste better, produce earlier and store longer. You might even save some money. Often a single start from your local garden supplier costs as much as a whole packet of seed. Plus, the satisfaction you'll receive watching plants that you started yourself go into the garden is priceless. Your kids will love watching the miracle of growth from seeds they started themselves... and they'll learn something as well.

Here are some more photos I found that may inspire some of you  with limited space . . .

I do hope you will share your indoor and outdoor starts, gardening stories and tips.

Dr. P


  1. I love the idea of using the shoe holders for little pots. My cousin uses rain gutters and I have seen people use 2 liter pop containers tacked onto a fence. I love re-purposing and re-using as an alternative to recycling. And, of course, keeping it out of the trash!!! I always intend to start my plants early but never quite make it. May this year be different!

  2. I love that one too! It seems they not only started the seeds in the shoe holders, but are actually using them to grow the plants!