Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My New Live Radio Show Starts TODAY!

Good Morning to all of my faithful blog followers!

Let me start by saying thanks to all of you who are making my blog so successful!  I am truly grateful . . . and humbled.

Today I begin another new adventure to help me spread my message about health, the importance of diet, effective solutions for all kinds of problems, as well as all of my clinical and analytical research.  TODAY I have the fantastic opportunity to start hosing my own LIVE radio talk show!!!  Can you believe it!  I am so excited!

So I wanted to extend a special invitation to join me . . . you can listen in on WBLQ if you live in the Rhode Island, Connecticut, or New York area or you can listen in world wide via the amazing technology of the internet by clicking on the link below at 12 noon PDT, 1 MDT, 2 CDT and 3 EDT!

You can call in to ask your questions live or use the handy feature to simply type your question in and I will answer it live on air!

But if you can't join me on the air live, don't despair, you can listen to archived calls anytime of the day or night!  Just click on the link below and it will deliver you to the library of archived calls!

I do hope that you will join me today . . . after all who wants to do a live call all alone???  Plus there's always a great surprise contest to win valuable prizes and so much more!

Talk to you live later today!

Dr. P

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