Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Family Health History - Is It An Indicator of Food Allergies?

Happy Wednesday!

I've been out of touch for a few days due to some family related issues.  My daughter Allison had a health crisis last Monday which occupied a great deal of my time for the week.  Then on the weekend My oldest sister, my younger brother, my sister-in-law and nephew came into town because my niece became Dr. Sarah Percy yesterday.  This was a great opportunity to have a family gathering.

Which leads me to the topic for my live radio show today - Recognizing the Signs of Food Allergies in your Family Health History.

Surrounded by my family, I viewed them through the eyes of a doctor, remembering those who were unable to attend, as well as those who had passed away much too soon . . . and many things became more clear to me than ever before.

I hope you will join me LIVE today as I share some of my own insights into my family's health history and take questions about yours . . . and connect the dots between food allergies and many common health issues.

Please join me live on Transformation Talk Radio at Noon Pacific, 1:00 Mountain, 2:00 Central and 3:00 Eastern time for Simple Solutions for Everyday Health.  Just CLICK HERE for the link.  

If you are unable to join me live and have questions you would like answered, email them to me at and then listen to the archived call.

I'm always here to help,

Dr. P


  1. Help!! some of my Grandchildren are here and I forgot to listen, is this recorded someplace? Thanks

  2. YES! Here is a link so that you can listen to any of my archived radio shows!

  3. One day I will be able to listen live! And ask hopefully intelligent questions. Until then I have to find time to listen to the archived ones. My life has been busy. Sounds like yours has too Dr. P. I hope Allison is doing okay. Give her my best regards. Congrats on the new Dr. in the family.