Monday, June 11, 2012

Snack Food for the Trip + La Montanita Food Coops

I want to publicly thank the La Montanita Food Coop locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for hosting 3 separate book signing events!  These stops on my way between Dallas and San Diego have been wonderful opportunities for me to meet old and new friends, connect with people who are seeking to improve their health and share the story of my life's passion to help people improve their health.

As I travel, I want to acknowledge that long car rides can be disastrous when it comes to sticking to healthy eating . . . there's something about all of those miles stretching out in front of you that simply makes you want to snack!

Before I started my trip I made some strategic decisions regarding food for my trip to ensure I would be successful.  Here's what I brought on my trip . . .

I put together a good mix of nuts, seeds and a few dried fruits  -  FYI,  pistachios are the lowest calorie nuts, pumpkin seeds are the most nutritious seeds and unsweetened or fruit sweetened chopped fruits add both nutrition and texture to create a more satisfying snack.
Coconut water in aseptic packages
Coconut Kefir
Kale chips
Almond butter in foil packets
Apples, oranges, tangerines
Goat cheese

Along the way I found these . . .

Personally I found them a little greasy and a little bland.  So I added some salt and nutritional yeast placed a sheet of paper towel in the bag to absorb some of the palm kernel oil and created a fantastic snack food for the road.  They are light, very crisp and grain free!


Dr. P

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