Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's Radio Show - Water, Water Everywhere . . . Which One Should I Drink? (PART 1)

Since Sunday when I announced the topic for my radio show today I've been getting lots of feedback!  In fact it's such a big and controversial topic I'm splitting it into a 2 part series!

It seems that water, water quality, and which water to drink are topics on the minds of nearly everyone these days!

And there's a good reason for it!  The more you research water and water quality the more problems you uncover!  

In Part 1, I'll be sharing some info about the overall quality of water and how it can be effecting your health - why you need to drink more of it - and so much more!

So if the subject of water has you in a quandary join me on Simple Solutions for Everyday Health on Transformation Talk Radio today!

Here's the link you will need to join me LIVE!  I look forward to your questions and comments.

Talk to you at Noon Pacific, 1 Mountain, 2 Central and 3 Eastern!

Dr. P

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