Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Digestion and Breast Health + 3 Practical Tips to Increase Both!

I always look forward to Wednesdays because I know I get to connect with all of you LIVE on Simple Solutions for Everyday Health!

Since today is the first Wednesday in October . . . and October is Breast Health Awareness Month . . . I'll be connecting 2 seemingly unrelated topics - Digestion and Breast Health!

They may not seem related, but by the end of the hour you'll see 3 ways they are connected and get 3 very practical tips to improve both!

So be sure to join me LIVE today at Noon Pacific, 1 Mountain, 2 Central and 3 Eastern on Transformation Talk Radio!

I know that many of you find it impossible to join the live conversation, but do want the information - or maybe you simply want to listen again - so here is the link to the archives just for you!

If you have questions you want me to cover, and you can't call in or instant message, please feel free to forward them to me via email at

Talk with you soon!

Dr. P

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