Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Your Lymphatic System & Breast Health

Today on my radio show I'm going to explain just how your lymphatic system is designed to keep your breasts healthy.

I'm also going to share some practical ways to improve your lymphatic system from specific exercises to self treatment, diet and professional lymphatic massage.

Because a picture really is worth a thousand words, I want to share some illustrations with you so that as you listen to my LIVE broadcast today, you can follow along easier.

Your Lymphatic System:

As you can see from this diagram, your lymphatic system is very involved, and this is just an overview.  Take a look at this illustration for an even better idea of it's involvement throughout your body:

Each of the white lines is a lymphatic vessel and each of the circles is a lymph node.  We have literally thousands throughout our body.

And here's an illustration of a lymphatic vessel and a blood vessel so you can see their differences:

As you can see, your lymphatic vessels not only deliver nutrients, they also absorb waste products, contain disease fighting white blood cells and so much more!

You may not know this, your lymphatic system IS your immune system!  Today I'll be sharing the secrets I've learned to keep it in tip top shape.  I'll also be sharing information that could help you save your breasts and keep your whole body healthy!

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Can hardly wait to chat with you at Noon Pacific/1:00 Mountain/2:00 Central/3:00 Eastern!!!  Your lymphatic system is one of my favorite topics!

Until Then,

Dr. P 

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