Friday, December 7, 2012

Allergy Free Traveling - Breakaway Bakery in LA

It's that time of year again when families begin to gather together to celebrate an entire December filled with holiday parties, celebrations and activities!

Some of you only need walk across the street or down the road to be embraced into the loving arms of your family, but other must travel great distances to be united with loved ones . . .

This post, and some others to come in the next few days and weeks, are dedicated to those of you who are traveling with food allergies.

I've even enlisted the help of my lovely daughter, Angela, to provide you with the scoop on vegan and GF friendly places on her travels!

Since Hanukkah begins tomorrow, I wanted to start with some information on a wonderful little bakery my other lovely daughter, Allison, and I found yesterday in LA.  In case you will be visiting family and friends in LA, and you are looking for the most delicious GF Challah you will ever taste, this is the place for you!

While it may not be as decorative as its braided and lacquered cousins, it will not disappoint you when it comes to taste and texture!

We arrived just as the loaves were making their way out of the oven and onto cooling racks so the entire bakery smelled so heavenly that we had no choice but to purchase one, but had to take it home and wait for it to cool completely before I gently sliced the first piece . . . which by the way, was very quickly enjoyed and we both wanted another immediately!

If you have been longing for a rich, eggy, slightly sweet holiday bread that's enjoyed in so many different holiday traditions from the Pecan Braid I made every year for my kiddos, to the fruit studded Panettone that graces every Italian holiday table, to a lovely French Brioche, to the Challah that's a part of every Hanukkah celebration, this bread will bring forth every lovely holiday memory you have!

It’s moist yet light, and every bite reminded me of freshly baked honey-whole wheat bread.  You really have to try it to fully appreciate both the taste and the texture!

While the Challah is not vegan since it does contain eggs, Janice assured me that she is very, very close to a vegan version!

The warm bread had the entire place smelling so great that it was impossible not to sample a few other delicious looking treats . . .

As you can see from this photo, it was no simple decision to make . . .

So we tried several!

Allison’s choice was a lemon bar, and it was delicious!  In fact, I honestly believe that if they were served side by side with the gluten laden version, no one would be able to determine which one was GF!

I chose the fig roll or rugalach – the buttery shortbread was wrapped around a yummy filling of apples, figs and cinnamon.   My only criticism of this treat is that it’s a bit too sweet for my tastes.  However, it would probably been a perfect balance to a cup of coffee or tea.

Before checking out I spied a bag with 2 GF pizza crusts that I decided to take back to San Diego and try out on my Goddaughter, Malena.  I’ll let you know if they are kid approved later . . .

I truly appreciate that is dedicated to using organic, whole grains rather than the starches typical in GF baking.  As you can see from this sign they are very allergy friendly.

For those of you fortunate enough to live in LA, this should be on your destination list!  It’s the perfect place to pick up some special items to keep on hand for all of the holiday parties you will be hosting or attending.   That way you can take your own decadently beautiful treat so your host(ess) doesn’t feel guilty that you have no special holiday food to enjoy . . . because everyone else at the party will want what you have!

She even offers a wide variety of frozen dough so you can bake at home without any fuss.  What could be easier for your next GF party or a treat with your kiddos, than warm, freshly baked goodies from your own oven?

And if you are travelling through LA, it’s so worth the stop!  Here's the address and contact info for you:

Breakaway Bakery
5264 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Be sure to say hello to Janice for me!

Dr. P

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