Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Hanukkah Cookbook Sale

December is filled with holiday celebrations, parties and opportunities to give gifts . . .  and I love to give everyone in my life the perfect gift.

So today, the 1st day of Hanukkah, I want to give you my first gift of the season . . . my cookbook at the lowest price I've ever offered + free shipping.  You read that right BOGO Free + Free Shipping!

If you've been looking for that perfect gift for the people in your life who simply want to eat healthier or who have food allergies, this is it!  

I designed each and every recipe to meet the needs of folks with food allergies, but as a former chef, I never sacrificed on the taste or the texture!  And as a doctor who is passionate about nutrition, each and every recipe meets my high nutritional standards.  Plus the recipes are easy enough that even a novice cook can produce beautiful and delicious meals every day!

Now you can eat restaurant quality meals at home every day of the week!  

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this 1 day only sale!  Order your copies before midnight PST today (December 8th) and they will be signed and in the mail on Monday!

If these are gifts you would like personalized, be sure to provide me with the names.

Happy Hanukkah and welcome to my Holiday Season of Sales!

Dr. P

Here are a few quotes by folks who own the book and make the recipes . . .

Judy from Houston - “I’m allergic to so many things that eating had become a chore but your recipes have changed that . . . I’m back to loving mealtime again!  Dr. Parker you deserve sainthood for creating this amazing cookbook!”         

Allison from Highland Park - “OMG is a beacon of light for those of us who live with allergies.  This book is so worth it.  Bon Appetite!”                   

Rose from Youngstown - “I am a mom of five and one is very food sensitive.  Now I can prepared the same meals for everyone and they ALL love it!”     
 Di from Sutherlin - “From soup to nuts, vinegars and oils to dessert, veggies to breads, Dr. P’s recipes will inspire you to cook beautiful food and to eat healthier.  You will be saying, OMG! I can’t believe That’s Allergy Free!”                

Scott from Omaha - “The first two recipes I tried were the Pizza and the Coconut Chicken, and I’m still smacking my lips.  OMG is an understatement!”                     

Karen, Personal Chef from Phoenix - “Clean flavors, interesting flavor profiles, delightful textures, nutritionally complete, delicious and allergy free are words I rarely hear in the same sentence!  These recipes are completely unexpected and I couldn’t recommend them more highly, in fact I’ll be using many dishes on my new “Allergy Free” menu!”             

Melanie, Executive Chef from Seattle - “After sampling many types of “allergy free” foods I’m convinced that people feel as though they have to settle for sub-par offerings.  I can say that there is not one recipe in this entire cookbook that I wouldn’t serve in my own establishment!”                      

Lisa Ray, buyer La Montanita Food Coops in Albuquerque and Santa Fe - “A former gourmet chef turned naturopathic physician, Dr. Parker found that many of her patients were wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy, or egg intolerant. To enhance their lives she began creating healthful, gourmet, yet accessible recipes.  Her cookbook includes over 225 pages of incredibly tasty dishes accompanied by inspiring, mouth-watering photos and nutritional information.”          

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